Update on the plain chest rompersuit. https://www.kidswholesaleclothing.co.uk/138-baby-blanks-plain-chest-rompersuit


Some of our customers are aware that we will be having a change in sizing of our Plain Chest Rompersuits. We have had a lot of feedback from customers who felt the rompersuits were larger in size than that usual of industry standard. 

Therefore, we took this onboard and we decided to change the size of all 4 sizes. 

You will see that there is a brand new New Born size. 

The new 0-3 months size is the old New Born 

The new 3-6 months size is the old 0-3 months 

The new 6-12 months size is the old 3-6 months 

The Sale has now ended for the Plain Chest Rompersuits, these will be offline until Thursday 12th and then re launched with the new and improved sizing. Pricing will be back to the normal price for the packs and cartons.