Stock Update 10/07/20

Below are items that will be coming to us by the end of August 

-Short Sleeve Bodysuit Light blue 

-Short Sleeve Bodysuit Pink 

-Velcro Bib White 

-Onesie Grey Marl 

-Baby and toddler t-shirts Grey Marl

-Unicorn PJ's

-Red Stripe PJ's


Stock Update 09/07/20

Below are items that will be coming to us early August 

- Snap Back Caps (all sizes in Black, Grey, Dusty Pink and Khaki)

- Full stock of fleece blankets. 

Stock Update 09/07/20

Below are items that will be coming into stock Mid August

- Junior Apron

-Cotton Satchel Bag

-Cotton Drawstring bag

- Cotton shorts Grey Marl 

- Cotton shorts Navy 

- Cotton shorts white (3-4, 4-5. 5-6) 

- Grey Cotton Blankets 

- White Cotton Blankets 

- Pink Cotton Blankets 

- Baby and toddler Pink T-shirts 

Stock Update 09/06/20

Below is what will be in stock by THURSDAY 16th JULY 

-          Baby and toddler Grey Marl T-shirts ( 6-12, 1-2, 2-3, 3-4)

-          Sublimation Velcro bibs

-          Sublimation baby and toddler t-shirts

-          Cloud print PJ’s in Pink (all sizes except 9-10)

-          Cloud print PJ’s in Light Blue ( 1-2, 3-4, 4-5, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10)

-          Fleece Onesie White

-          Fleece Onesie Grey (all sizes except 2-3)

-          Baby and toddler Black T-shirts

-          NEW space print PJs (pictures available later)  

-          Velcro Bib Light Blue

-          Short Sleeve Bodysuit Grey Marl

-          Cotton Sack

-          Cotton Apron

-          Cotton shorts Grey (1-2)

-          Cotton Shorts Navy (6-12, 1-2, 2-3)

-          Dusty Pink Sweatshirt (all sizes except 7-9 & 9-10)

-          Full Button Sleepsuit White

If there is a product you need that is not on this list, then it will not be coming in just yet. We will be updating regarding more stock over the coming months as we know more

We would like to keep all our customers updated on what is going on and be as transparent as we can during this time.

We thank everyone for their patience.